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  • Puria Infant Formula - Stage 1 900g

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    Puria Infant Formula - Stage 1 900g

    Puria® Premium Infant Formula is made from quality ingredients and is specially formulated for bottle-fed babies from birth or when introducing formula feeding.

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    Puria® Premium Infant Formula is made from quality ingredients and is specially formulated for bottle-fed babies from birth or when introducing formula feeding. It provides the nutrition that your new baby needs for healthy growth and development. Suitable from when your baby is newborn to six months old, it has key ingredients which make it easy to digest and gentle on your baby’s tummy.

    Breast Feeding

    Breast feeding is recommended as the optimal source of nutrition for your baby for the first 6 months of life, by various organizations around the world, including WHO (the World Health Organization).

    Breast milk can provide all your baby’s nutrition needs for the first 6 months of life, exclusively, and then as part of a balanced and healthy diet for up to 12 months or longer if it suits both mother and child.

    The first few days’ milk after birth, contains a thick, nutrient dense milk called colostrum that is important for the immune system. It contains anti-bodies, and a higher proportion of protein, minerals and vitamins initially, everything that your baby will need.

    A few days after birth you will notice that the breast milk will thin out and become whiter, as your body adapts to producing enough milk for you to feed your baby.

    There is also a reduced chance of any tummy upsets with breast milk.  There is less chance of breast milk being contaminated (compared to unsterilized bottle, water etc.), and breast milk is easily digested by your baby as it has been perfectly designed for your baby’s nutrition needs.

    There are not only nutritional reasons for breast feeding, but there are other factors that breast feeding also provides.

    • Free, and readily available

    • Convenient and always the right temperature

    • Helps to form a bond with your baby

    • Uses calories to produce milk, may help you regain your pre-pregnancy weight faster

     Infant Formula

    Puria infant milk formula is designed to meet the Australia and New Zealand Food standards code, but if the time comes for you to choose to feed your baby infant formula, the list of ingredients can at times leave you feeling confused.  Here is a summary of what some of the ingredients found in Puria formula.


    Puria infant formula is based on Cow’s milk.  Two of the proteins found in cow’s milk, and breast milk, are Casein and Whey.

    For Puria Stage 1, the Whey protein is found at a higher level than Casein as Whey protein is normally more easily digested than Casein.  In breast milk the ratio of the Protein portion is about 60% Whey: 40% Casein and so it is in Puria Stage 1 Infant formula, You may hear the term Whey-predominant from time to time, and this is all that it means is that there is more Whey than Casein present in the formula.

    For Puria Stage 2 Follow on Formula, the protein ration is 50% Whey and 50% Casein, which is designed for babies older than 6 months.

     Omega LCPs

    Puria Infant formula contain LCPs (Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids).  These are naturally present in some foods, including breast milk. These are types of unsaturated fats that play many useful roles in the body. Two of the most significant LCPs are the Omega 3 LCP known as DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), and the Omega 6 LCP known as AA (Arachidonic acid). DHA and AA play an important part in visual and brain development of young babies, and various other functions in the body.

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Vitamins and minerals are critical to many function s in the body to ensure, growth, repair and normal regulatory function.  If formula is being used as the dominant source of nutrition for your infant, then it is important that the formula contains a variety of these to ensure that your baby is not missing out on these.


    Nucleotides are naturally present in breast milk.  Additional nucleotides are added to infant formula as they are found at lower levels in cow’s milk.  Nucleotides have been found to be important for general growth and repair, and for immunity.


    Oligosaccharides or indigestible carbohydrates (dietary fibres) are naturally present in breast milk, and other foods.  The type of oligosaccharides present in Puria infant formula are galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and these are important for your babies gut health, and keeping their stool soft and regular.

    See previous image. Allergy caution: This product is a cow’s milk based formula; contains soy, fish, milk protein.
    See previous images. IMPORTANT NOTICE Notice: Breast milk is best for babies. Before you decide to use this product, consult your doctor or health worker for advice. WARNING: Follow instructions exactly. Prepare bottles and teats as directed. Do not change proportions of powder except on medical advice. Incorrect preparation can make your baby very ill.

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