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  • NIT-ENZ Organic Shampoo 250ml

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    NIT-ENZ Organic Shampoo 250ml


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    Nit-Enz Completely Organic Shampoo is an effective, all natural solution created from the finest organic pine extracts and 100% pure citronella oil.

    If live head lice are present simply lather into wet hair being sure to completely cover the scalp and hair shafts with Nit-Enz shampoo, cover with a shower cap and leave in for 20 minutes. Rinse the shampoo out and condition as normal. Section off the hair while still wet and comb thoroughly with a fine tooth nit comb from scalp to hair tips. Dispose of head lice and eggs pulled out on the comb until no more are found. Repeat this process every second day for 3 treatments.

    If live lice are not present be sure to use Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo at least twice a week, leaving in for at least 5 minutes or the whole time you are in the shower or bath. Condition as normal. Ongoing use of Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo is proven to produce lasting results!

    Once the initial infestation has been eradicated as per the directions for use – on-going use at least twice a week, like a normal shampoo, means an end to nits permanently! This is because Nit-Enz Shampoo affects the eggs so they won’t hatch, ending the lifecycle before it can begin!

    Nit-Enz has observed head lice VERY MUCH ALIVE MORE THAN 24 HOURS AFTER REMOVAL from a human host! If re-infestation is an issue all possible sources should be investigated (friends and family, school environment etc) and all linen, hats, hair brushes etc that have had direct contact should be washed and dried in a hot dryer. Try adding a squirt of Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo to the wash for added protection.

    The directions for use of our products are included on the back label of each product. The correct and thorough application of Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo is absolutely crucial to the success of the head lice treatment. Follow the steps below for best results.

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